St. Lucia, Sunday/Monday

I figured I’d combine Sunday and Monday since Sunday was spent traveling and Monday was a little lame as you’ll see below. So, without further ado, our honeymoon: Sunday and Monday:

Actually let’s even go back to last Saturday, the 17th. There were a lot of last minute things to do but we had all day! And we spent most of the day watching tv shows on the DVR or attempting to watch movies from the Netflix because we were going to be gone a whole week which meant we would NOT be getting our full moneys worth this month! The horror! The Procrastinator waited until very late in the day to do several essential things: go shopping for clothes for the honeymoon, buy sunglasses, finish doing the dishes, and pack. I, of course was packed and ready early. Uh…until I realized you are supposed to make copies of your passport and that we hadn’t gotten any cash! So at 10:30pm we headed out to do those two things. When we returned I tried to go to sleep and The Procrastinator did the dishes. I think I fell asleep about 12am and I am not sure if TP (hilarious abbreviation if you ask me) EVER went to sleep. Needless to say our 3am (yes, you read that correctly) wake up call came very early.
We got up and finished getting our last few items packed and we got dressed and ready. TP’s brother picked us up (we took them to the airport a few months ago early in the am so he was returning the favor, however this was REALLY early in the am so quite above the call of duty if you ask me). We headed out and arrived at good ol’ KCI (which is really MCI but I’ve already done that post) before the Delta counter was even open. We were the first flight of the day. They opened a couple minutes after we arrived and we quickly checked in and got our bags ready to go. We discovered a couple things, 1)we booked this flight before they started charging for bags so ours were free -SCORE! and 2) we are “not upgradeable”. Seriously. TP asked the nice lady at the counter if there was any chance of an upgrade to first class, we were even considering paying for it depending on the price because, you know, you only go on a honeymoon once (hopefully) but when she looked at our tickets her only response was, “You’re not upgradeable”. We found that highly amusing and joked about it the rest of the trip.
Here we are at about 4:15am waiting for our flight to board. Don’t we look excited?!
I was surprisingly calm and did really well through our take off, the short (an hour and 45 minutes feels short once you’ve spent over 4 hours on a plane in the same trip) flight, and the landing. I think TP was impressed…or not, whatever.
We made our connecting flight with no issues and we were quickly on our way! The 4 hour flight from Atlanta to St. Lucia was pretty brutal. By that time we were tired, hungry, and uncomfortable. I hadn’t eaten all day and was even willing to pay $7 for what I’m sure was going to be a terrible sandwich until they ran out one row in front of us. Awesome. I tried to sleep but I couldn’t get comfortable and I was cranky.
We arrived and were let off the plane down the stairs onto the actual runway which was a first for me. I always picture Air Force One when I think of boarding a plane on the stairs. My first thought was: it’s hot! I was wearing a short sleeved shirt and jeans and I was sweating. We walked into the smallest airport you’ve ever seen and stood in line at customs. The line moved quickly and then we walked about 5 feet to “baggage claim”. In retrospect I’m not sure what I was expecting from a country that is 27 miles long but it just all seemed pretty surreal. Some jerk grabbed our bags before we could say no and pushed a cart with them (we only have one each) about 3 feet before dropping them at our shuttle and asking for a tip. He proceeded to roll his eyes when I gave him $2. I got more pissed off about it later when I realized, TP and I carried our carry-on bags while he rolled our luggage 3 feet so essentially we did more work and he was annoyed with our tip. Whatever.
The van ride to the resort was probably TP’s low point of the trip. As I said, the island is 27 miles long but the middle of the island is all rain forest so driving from the southern tip to the northern tip took over an hour. It was hot. The roads were curve after dangerous curve and our driver didn’t really understand what brakes were for. We did get a great look at some local “culture” as we passed shack after run down shack and shirtless after machete (I’m not kidding) wielding shirtless child along the roadside. Also, first memorable stupid comment by some stupid woman on our van, “Look! All their cars are imports”.Really? That is shocking, I mean I would assume they all buy cars manufactured right there on this tiny Caribbean island! I mean the options are endless! Let me list them…oh, yeah, wait…TP was not feeling well once we finally arrived and did I mention it had been 14 hours and I’d eaten a granola bar, peanuts, and some pringles? We were in rough shape and crashed pretty hard in our room upon finally arriving in it.
Yeah, we were excited about the flat screen but it was definitely not the HD that we are used to. So spoiled. We watched some tv but didn’t feel any better. Finally TP convinced me to get up and get something to eat even though I felt sick and food did not sound good.
Dinner was pretty good, TP had pasta and I had a chicken dish. We learned a few things during this first meal. 1)Service at meals is slow. I’m assuming it was because it’s an all-inclusive and that they weren’t concerned about maximizing revenue but it could also have to do with the fact that island life is a bit slower than American life. I’m not a fan. I’ve worked too long in banquet service to be ok with it. But I understood so I got over it quickly. 2)There are animals everywhere. Most of the resort is outdoors or at least open in some way. This is great because the weather is lovely, however it does mean that birds fly in and steal packets of sweet and low during breakfast (hilarious) and cats roam the dining area every evening looking for scraps. It was weird. It was at this time I realized I got to eat dessert for free with every meal. And not feel guilty about it. Score! TP got cheesecake and I got chocolate cake. They were both terrible. I seriously took one bite and pushed the plate away. This is not something I’m in the habit of doing. I was hoping that was not how the week would continue.
I felt like a new person after eating but we were still exhausted so we headed back upstairs for bed. Monday morning we woke up, ate breakfast, and headed down to the pool. Here’s disappointment number 1: The beach wasn’t ideal. There was very little shoreline and the waves were really rough. We were not allowed to swim in the ocean at our resort and there wasn’t a lot of space to lay out on the beach.
This picture shows the pool with the ocean behind it. There was a large wall separating the pool deck and the beach. The beach is about 12 feet below the top of that wall and you can see in this photo that the waves were rough enough to make it up to the wall and crash over. Not ideal.
But check out that pool! We laid out Monday for a few hours but right around lunch time I got really sick. After we ate we went back to the room so I could lie down. I thought I’d been in the sun too long but that didn’t make sense because it had only been about 2 hours. I felt miserable and we basically wasted the rest of the day. I soon realized I had a sinus infection and it was gonna hang around for the rest of the trip. Not cool.
We wanted to check out one of the other restaurants that evening but discovered it was closed. Because I wasn’t feeling good we ate at the Pavilion again, which is the main restaurant shown below. The blue areas are the pool show in the picture above which was pretty cool. They had a buffet this night so at least it wasn’t the same food.
Here’s a photo we asked someone to take after dinner.
I fell asleep pretty early that night due to the inability to breath and honestly I was feeling like this wasn’t going to be a good week at all.
It’s a good thing I decided to break this up because obviously I’m pretty long winded! Check back tomorrow for our adventures from Tuesday! 🙂


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